E-Voucher Vending Tool: Effortless Voucher Management Beyond Boundaries.

Revolutionize the way you manage vouchers with Skarla's innovative e-Voucher Vending Tool. Say goodbye to outdated methods like spreadsheets, emails, and messages – and welcome a streamlined, efficient approach.


Centralized Manage

Simplify voucher distribution by managing all your vouchers in one place. No more manual tracking or scattered information.

Instant Distribution

Easily send vouchers to your partner merchants at the click of a button, enabling swift.

Real-time Tracking

Monitor voucher usage, redemptions, and campaign performance in real-time.

Seamless Control

Maintain full control over voucher distribution, ensuring consistent branding and adherence to your business policies.

Voucher Redemption Solution: Simplified and Efficient Voucher Redemption.

Experience effortless voucher redemption with Skarla's user-friendly Voucher Redemption Solution. Enhance customer experience while streamlining your operations.


Simplified Process

Redemptions become a breeze for both merchants and customers, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction.

Secure Validation

Our robust validation process ensures only valid vouchers are redeemed, safeguarding against misuse.

Real-time Verification

Instantly verify voucher authenticity and availability, ensuring a smooth and efficient redemption experience.

Automated Updates

Keep merchants informed about redeemed vouchers, maintaining transparency and reducing manual communication.

Pre-paid Cards: Elevate Your Business with Effortless Pre-paid Card Management.

Skarla's upcoming Pre-paid Cards service is designed to streamline the issuance and management of pre-paid cards, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both businesses and customers.


Efficient Issuance

Easily generate and issue pre-paid cards, complete with customizable details and terms.

Comprehensive Management

Enjoy a centralized dashboard to oversee all aspects of your pre-paid card offerings, from balances to usage.

Flexible Usage

Customers can use pre-paid cards for seamless transactions, attracting more sales and enhancing customer loyalty.

Real-time Tracking

Gain insights into pre-paid card usage patterns, enabling you to tailor your offerings and promotions.